5 Things: Cat Contest Underway; Mixing Tea with Feng Shui

Be sure to lock your cars.

1. Feng Shui and Tea become one at the Northboro Chiropractic Center today. "Explore the awareness of your thoughts, the study of your environment, and how the actions you take can bring balance, peace and happiness into your life. Life Design Expert, Christine Conway, will share with you the amazing practice known as Feng Shui.  Christine is a certified Feng Shui Designer and a Professional Empowerment Coach, who has been helping  women create their ideal lives for more than a decade."

2.There will be a detour at Northborough Center this weekend due to the Downtown Improvement Project. Plan accordingly.

3. Be sure to lock your cars at all times. If you see any suspicious activity, call police.


5. Meow.

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