A Little Help! (Draper Park Diary Update)

More Draper Park area shenanigans

It's 8:35 pm, Sunday, September 16, 2012. I am just back from the Milford Police Station. I've had another encounter with my neighbors... These are the same neighbors, apparently, who were raising turkeys--illegally--in their yard last year. (http://www.milforddailynews.com/newsnow/x1152090968/Nolta-A-Draper-Park-diary) These particular neighbors are located kitty-corner from my own yard, and when I asked them, last year, if they might not at least keep the turkeys closer to their house than mine, the older woman started screaming names at me (which were later translated by a nice woman at Town Hall as "stupid idiot"). I was also accused of having called the police on them for raising turkeys--I hadn't--and of having my own loud pets (I have no pets). That, in the past eighteen years, is the only encounter I have ever had with these particular neighbors. Until today.

Early this evening I went into my garden, and, as usual, was greeted by the frantic barking of two large dogs in the yard kitty-corner to mine. I thought, since I basically like animals, that I might approach them, and possibly even pet them through the fence, just so they wouldn't be so freaked out (and make such a lot of noise) every time I go into my garden. While I was talking across the fence to the (increasingly open-minded) dogs, an old woman whom I recognized from my experience last year, came out, barking much louder than the dogs ever did. She was speaking a language I do not understand. I asked her if she spoke English, and she signalled to an old man behind her, who also, apparently, did not speak English. I thought they were going to find someone who did speak English, but they just went back into the house, and so, after a few minutes, did I. That was that. I thought. 

About an hour later, while I was watching a movie and finishing my dinner in my home, there was a loud banging on my back door. I went to see who it was, and found a young woman on my back porch. She had opened the outer door, and lodged her leg there to keep it open. She was screaming that I had yelled at her parents (I had not)--in fact, she claimed that I was always yelling at her parents (I have only spoken to that older couple once before in 18 years, and never yelled at them). Moreover, I had never seen this young woman before. I asked her to please leave my property. She refused--she would not even let me close my door. She screamed at me, and swore at me, and told me to call the f***ing police, which I immediately did (and if they do, in fact, record their calls as they claim, they have a record of her vile language and know that she was completely out of line). She had at least one young man with her, also yelling, also completely unknown to me. The police came and spoke to the woman, and defused the situation. After everyone dispersed, I walked to the Police Station to file a complaint--I don't see what else there is to do, when someone trespasses and swears and screams at you on your own property, and falsely accuses you of something you have not done. So I am now asking for help from my fellow townspeople. How would you handle this? Milford Police Officer Angel Arce, who was a model of calm, agreed that I should never speak to these people or their dogs again, and if there is a noise problem, to call the police. I'm willing to do that. But I would also like to guarantee that these people never trespass again, nor slander me on my own property. How do you ensure what seems to me the minimum of personal safety? How do you address people who come in groups, and scream vile abuse against a person living alone, who only wanted to make peace with their more peaceable dogs???

Any ideas? Little help?

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David Nolta September 20, 2012 at 10:52 PM
Oh Dear, I have never yelled at this old couple, and I have never leaned over into their yard, and in the past, when my neighbors have complained about their wild (and LOUD, and ILLEGAL ) turkeys, this sweet old couple screamed names at me. Names which the very nice, Portuguese-fluent woman at Town Hall interpreted as insults. As to whether or not these people pay their taxes, I have no idea. I have EXCELLENT relations with my neighbors on either side of my house, and I have NEVER trespassed on this 105-pound woman's property in my life. But this 105-pound woman and her somewhat heavier male companion did indeed trespass on my property, OPENING MY BACK DOOR, screaming obscenities, in the middle of which they were interrupted by the Milford police. As the police report and recorded telephone call will confirm. Soaking wet, and arrested, is very much what you will be the next time you break the law in the way that you did last Sunday. Ray Fellows, do you have some fact to add?
David Nolta September 20, 2012 at 10:59 PM
And stop lying--you were not present but believed your lying parents when they told you whatever they told you about me. My garden is kitty-corner to your yard, and provides an extensive view of that space, where you have tried to raise wild turkeys ILLEGALLY in a residential neighborhood. I don't care where you came from or whether or not you are here legally, but you have continued to violate town ordinances, and you will not be allowed to continue to violate the rights of other Milford citizens (who by the way, have paid their taxes for decades, do not weigh considerably more than yourself, and do not trespass on the property of, nor slander, their neighbors. Thug.).
David Nolta September 20, 2012 at 11:22 PM
And by the way, Miss Lopes, the fact that you weigh 105 pounds does NOT, UNDER AMERICAN LAW, entitle you to break the law. Read up, and consider your actions in future.
Thomas OLoughlin September 21, 2012 at 02:01 AM
Respectfully, this is not a personal situation for me as the Chief of Police or the police officers who may respond to your calls for services, as property owners YOU decide who can enter in and upon your property, thus it is YOUR resposiblity to exercise your property interest and notify people you don't want to enter in and upon your property. After you do so the police have the legal authority to exercise statutory authority to protect your property interest against "trespassers" in accordance with the law. So, given your blogs, it is evidently obvious that neither of you are interested in interacting with one another at this time so I would suggest that you take the time to protect your property interest and serve each other with a "No Trespass" notice and then, respectfully abide by each of your legal property interest so the police do not have to be involved. Chief Tom OLoughlin
David Nolta September 21, 2012 at 02:52 AM
Yes, Chief O'Loughlin, I have done exactly what you suggested. The police did witness my repeated requests that Miss Lopes and her friend leave my property (I have never been on her property in my life). Thank you again.


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