Wegmans Freezes Prices on 53 Products

Wegmans announces a price freeze on more than 50 products.

Submitted by Jo Natale, spokesperson for Wegmans

What food shoppers want most in times of economic uncertainty is something they can count on. That’s why locking in prices for an extended period of time on a defined list of seasonal products has had such high appeal for Wegmans shoppers, according to President Colleen Wegman. 

“Our seasonal list has been our way of helping families find value and plan meals on a budget," she said. "Employees and customers stop me in our stores to say how helpful it’s been. They especially like that the list is not random, but is made up of products they need to buy every week.”

Wegmans has once again instituted a price freeze for more than 50 products families buy most during the winter months. Prices for these products will remain in effect through April 6, 2013. Even if costs go up for these products, Wegmans will not increase the retail price during this period.  (Counting all flavors/varieties, the total number of items – SKUs – totals 245.)   The complete list will be available on wegmans.com on Thursday, Jan. 3.

Colleen Wegman calls the company’s approach to price simple:  “We keep our prices consistently low every day on the items families buy most. We believe that our customers should not be forced to buy what’s on ‘sale’ this week.  Instead, they should be able to buy what they want, when they want it.”

The list is comprised of selections in meat, seafood, produce, grocery, dairy, bakery, frozen foods, and deli.  The seasonality is reflected in many departments, including produce with the addition of various citrus items (Clementine tangerines, navel and Mineola oranges). Wegmans peanut butter is still on the list, but with a new, lower price, reduced from $1.99 to $1.69, the result of good peanut crop last year. A few examples of other products on the winter list are:

Boneless Chicken Breast, Club Pack         $1.99/ lb
80% Lean Ground Beef , Club Pack          $2.19/ lb
Pork Tenderloin, Club Pack                       $2.79/ lb
Navel Oranges, 8 lb. Club Pack                 $4.99
Red Grapes                                                $1.99/ lb
Clementine Tangerines 2 lb. bag                $2.99

The list is made up almost exclusively of Wegmans brand products, because the company can be more aggressive with pricing its own brand. One exception is Clif Bars 2.4 oz., 12-pack for $9.99.

Wegmans also announced that they have extended, through the end of 2013, free prescriptions (up to a 90-day supply) for Atorvastatin. The program went into effect on August 26, and was originally planned to end on April 27,  2013.

“We check our competitors’ prices every week to be sure our prices offer the best value.  We match or beat club store prices, and that’s without charging a membership fee,” added Wegman. "Pricing gimmicks don’t appeal to our customers.  They expect incredible service and unmatched quality from us, but they also want and need us to provide the best value, and we don’t like to disappoint our customers.”


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