The Cost of Thanksgiving Goes Up (With a Local Caveat)

National the price of hosting a Thanksgiving meal has gone up significantly this year, but one Marlborough store is promising the lowest prices around.

That Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings is going to cost you a bit more this year; thirteen percent more, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation, but one store in Marlborough is guaranteeing the lowest prices around. 

"The total value of the meal was $49.20," said John Anderson, a senior economist with the organization, speaking of holiday meal planned for 10. "That compares with $43.47 last year, so that’s about a 13 percent increase. In general we’ve seen food prices increasing for most of this year and I think it’s important to recognize that our survey is really kind of picking up on a trend that’s been in place across a broad set of food items since about late 2010."

here in Marlborough, however, is advertising the "lowest price guaranteed" for frozen Grade A Riverside House of Raeford turkeys between 10 and 22 pounds. On the other side of the city, is offering frozen Marvel turkeys at 59 cents per pound (10 lbs. and up)  with a limit of one per customer. 

While higher prices on frozen turkeys purchased in grocery stores account for much of the cost increase nationally, other elements of the meal including dairy products have seen an increase as well. 

"The dairy-related items were up pretty much across the board, whipping cream, milk," said Anderson. "Those items reflect the trend that we’ve seen for most of this year, of better prices for dairy products. When we think about the turkey and the dairy products together the explanation for those higher prices is mostly on the demand side."

Other aspects of the Thanksgiving meal saw and increase an increase as well nationally, but here Marlborough Price Chopper is toting a deal offering a free five pound bags of white potatoes after the purchase of one. Hannaford is offering Gold sweet potatoes at 49 cents per pound. 

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