Best of the Craigslist: A 'Thick and Heavy Snake' Needs a Home, and Someone May Like You

Also, do you know how to repair a Coke machine, and did you need an oak tree?

For anyone who peruses Craigslist, you know the fun that can be had there. You can find a job (some of them legit), purchase that lawnmower with a skull on it that you've been looking for, and try to figure out if it's you that girl is talking about in "missed connections."

For your convenience, and pleasure, we've cultivated what we deem to be this week's more interesting, amusing, and helpful posts on our local Craigslist.

Do you wear glasses, like Keno and drink Bud Light Lime? Well, someone likes you (wink wink).

In Marlborough somewhere, in some bar, sat a person with glasses playing Keno. Joy Asia writes, "We spoke a few times and I thought you were really handsome would luv to have a drink or two with you, how was that bud light lime, and did you enjoy your dinner to go?" And in Framingham, a guy was quite smitten with a gal he met on the set of "The Makeover." He writes, "You were tired as hell but you were still crazy beautiful. We talked about all sorts of random things from life, relationships to hometowns. a good 3-4 hours. at least the time went by fast, good and bad i guess. we were in line turning our I9's in and i had finished."

Have a Coke and a smile (by helping someone fix their machine).

Someone needs your help. A person in Natick just bought a 1970s Coke machine, and "It worked for a week and now won't vend the cans when I put the quarter in and push any of the 4 selections."

Perhaps the cost went up and Cokes aren't a quarter anymore?  

This living condition comes complete with sunlight.

A Northborough resident is looking for a roommate, and is offering a bedroom in a second-floor apartment in a colonial home that overlooks the water, and is "nice and sunny." The sun is free; everything else will cost you $600.

Surely you have room for a five-foot snake who has a "very aggressive feeding response"

Chances are you've been wishing you had a slicker, more slithery pet in your home that is not good with children, and may or may not bite you. If you are in or near Marlborough, perhaps you are interested in adopting a "big Brooski Kingsnake" that a person is looking to rehome. "He's a big boy, over five feet and pretty thick and heavy. He is not a beginner snake, and he has a very aggressive feeding response." The snake, which comes with a cage, is $125.

Losing his religion

A person in Holliston just bought a home and came across a wooden cross in the basement. According to thew new homeowner, "the previous owner was a religious person in the military and had put it out during xmas with lights on it. It is free to a good home. its made of solid pressure treated wood." If you want the cross, you have to pick it up; no delivery.

And if you don't need wood in the form of a cross 

Someone in Northborough is looking to get rid of a 70 foot oak tree. Oh, this tree is still in the ground, planted. But if you want to cut it down and haul it away, you can keep the wood. 

That's you in the spotlight.

A company in Framingham is producing a video for a client, and they need a female spokesperson. Read from a script, and appear on camera .. and get paid.

Precision painter wanted.

It was painted perfectly once, and the owner of this concession stand/trailer in Shrewsbury is looking for someone to re-paint the signs again to give it that pop! Think you can do that? You should respond, then. There's money in it for you, and maybe a Nutty Buddy?


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