It's Time to Meet Up

Hey, Wanna Meet Up? www.meetup.com

What is this meetup.com of which I speak?

It's an on-line social networking site that helps coordinate offline group meetings all over the world! Since we're in the U.S., we would enter a zip-code and a topic of interest. The website then helps you find like-minded people right here in our neck of the woods!

For our purposes, we would type in “mom's night out!” Maybe you work full-time and find it hard to meet other moms in the community, but still would love to connect with women who live nearby and plan a ladies' or a couples' night out? Perhaps you stay home with your child and would like for her to have play-dates. While the kids play, wouldn't it be nice to establish connections with moms and then carve out some adult time for yourselves?

Can't find a Meetup Group that suits your needs? Sign up for an email alert and you will be contacted when a group starts in your area. You may even choose to start your own group! For example, right now, there are 11 members of Meetup.com near Marlborough who are waiting for a Mom's Night Out Group!

To give you just a taste of what's out there, right here in Marlborough there is a Meetup Group called Metrowest Mammas. The group charges a small fee for dues and includes moms who stay home, ones who work and expectant mothers with kids ages infant to 5 years. One of their attributes is a Mom's Night Out and a Couple's Night Out among other terrific activities!

Metrowest Stroller Strides and LUNA Moms Club (Hudson) is a complete fitness program that new moms can do with their infants and toddlers. However, you don't have to “feel the burn” to have a good time on one of their Mom's Night Outs!

Many of the Mom's Night Out “hits” on Meetup.com were geared toward moms with very young children, but Mom2Mom Merrimack Valley based in Tewksbury is just one example of a group that is focused on families with kids of all ages.


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