Award Winning Guitarist Goes Solo at G. Willikers

Jodee Frawlee, the "reformed shredder," is doing some rare unplugged performances in Shrewsbury.

Years ago, it was considered a "compliment" if a girl could play the guitar as well as a guy. Back-handed compliment, indeed.

Well, Jodee Frawlee can play the guitar better than most guys. Guy, girl... she can just play.

Based in Allston, this rock singer/guitarist is recognized as one of the premier guitarists in New England, and was voted a finalist in Guitar Player magazine's top ten "guitar player superstars of 2010."

These days, she devotes much of her time to her original trio, Starr Faithfull, and also plays in a Prince tribute called Lovesexy, in which she plays guitar and sings all the female parts.

This weekend, Frawlee is pulling out the acoustic to play a solo show, something she hasn't done in quite some time. Frawlee plays at G. Willikers on Friday, Dec. 7.

"I love Prince and that is such a fun band," said Frawlee. "The singer from the Prince band, Kobie Ali, has his own original project in which I play guitar and sing backround vocals. I also play guitar for some local singer songwriters, filling in when they need a guitarist."

"I have done some acoustic in the past but I've been so busy with other projects that I haven't had the time to do the acoustic thing," said Frawlee. "I'm used to playing with a band. That is my comfort zone. I always think it's a good thing to leave that comfort zone and throw yourself in situations that make you play differently."

Lately, added Frawlee, keyboardist Brian Eggleston has been joining her for some shows, making it a duo. Eggleston will perform with Frawlee on Dec. 21 at G. Willikers. The duo will also be performing some Christmas tunes at the Dec. 21 show, including a Frawlee original.

"I would rather play as a duo," said Frawlee. "That way, I can concentrate more on vocals. I know that if I go for something vocally, Brian has my back and I dont have to worry about playing guitar. Brian has a great voice, too, so he sings some songs and we both are huge into harmonies."

At solo or duo shows, Frawlee draws from her Starr Faithfull repertoire, as well as some older, "bluesier" songs she used to write. She throws in cover tunes by artist such as Adele and Stevie Wonder and "who knows who else."

Frawlee considers herself a "reformed shredder," and is regarded more as an electric guitarist than acoustic. For solo shows, she trades off between electric and acoustic.

"For us, this is a great place to test out new songs," she said, "and for anyone coming to the show it's a great place to hang and have good food & a beer."

Note: Frawlee's original Christmas tune will be featured on the NECN morning show on Dec. 12. 


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