POLL: Who's Buying Furniture This Weekend?

We've highlighted some local deals on furniture. Tell us, will you be taking advantage of them?

With the Massachusetts Tax-Free Holiday this weekend, Aug. 11 and 12, now is a great time to save on home furnishings by not paying Massachusetts sales tax on purchases under $2,500. Many retailers are offering customers a chance to make selections in advance, and there are many items on sale, too!

1) , Natick: Shop for furniture before the weekend, get your order and payment set up, and then call on the weekend to place your order. Shop at your own pace and avoid the crowds. 

2) , Westborough: Massachusetts residents can shop online now and use the coupon code TAXOFF at checkout. 

3) Boston Interiors, Westborough (Bay State Commons): Customers can make selections ahead of the weekend, get a price quote and provide your payment information. Boston Interiors will process your order over the tax free weekend.  They are also having a sale through the end of the month. 

4) Greater Gardner Furniture Outlets. It’s August sale time at LaChance Furniture, Rome Furniture Center, and the Factory Coop. I find it very enjoyable to shop at the Gardner outlets. The stores are closely located; the furniture variety and quality is excellent and the prices are very good. The four outlets are also allowing customers to shop early and place orders during the tax holiday weekend.  http://www.factorycoop.com/ http://lachancefurniture.com/ http://www.romefurniture.com/. Contact them directly for more information.

Need a tutorial on where you can save on sales tax? Eric Wilbur of About.com put together a nice article of what purchases are included. Click here to read about it.  


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