Cops: Steps to Reassure the Students, Parents and Staff

The Northborough Police Department provided an update on steps taken in response to the Newtown shooting tragedy.

Northborough police posted this statement on its Facebook page Monday.

Given the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, CT, last Friday, this is an update on steps that we are taking to reassure our students, parents and staff in Northborough schools.

A uniformed Northborough Police Officer with a marked police cruiser was assigned to each of our schools at dismissal time last Friday. The intention was to calm fears and remind our parents that all was well here. This presence was very well received by all concerned.

Superintendent Gobron and I believed that a weekend of intense media coverage would yield a significant number of nervous or uneasy students, parents and staff come Monday morning. With Dr. Gobron's concurrence, a uniformed Northborough police officer will be assigned to each of our public schools on Monday.

They will arrive in advance of the students and spend the full day there, greeting students, parents and staff; walking the halls; eating lunch with the children and remaining past dismissal time. We will assess if any presence beyond Monday is needed. We want our school community to feel as normal and relaxed as possible in these difficult times.

Hey Hey December 18, 2012 at 08:33 PM
Contact your local hospitals for information about weapons on campus and the number of assaults by patients and doctors. Note that the taxpayer funded UMass Medical Center has a history of poor performance on public safety issues. In 1994, 370 weapons were confiscated over the course of a year. Despite loaded guns being found in patients rooms, and a completed shooting in the mental health area, no steps were taken to protect patients and workers. A public safety whistleblower was severely retaliated against with intentional victim and witness intimidation. Some of the perpetrators include: Leonard Laster, Aaron Lazare, Peter H. Levine, Thomas D. Manning, Paul J. Barreira, Alan P. Brown, Paul S. Appelbaum, David F. Gitlin, Jeffery Geller, Lewis E. Braverman, Gerald G.Steinberg, Stephen M. Cohen, Joel M. Gore and others. A number of doctors participated in violent assaults of patients and staff members. you thought you experienced abuse at UMass Medical Center, you probably were. If you were abused by one of these doctors or others, report it to the police, not the medical center. Don't ever report to a "patient representative". Never go to a hospital or medical center alone. Obtain a lawyer before seeking care anywhere in the USA and announce it in advance to your clinician.


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